Is that a genuine V5C with the car you’ve just bought?

Further to our recent email in respect of stolen registration documents (V5C’s), I have been asked whether there is a way of checking a V5C presented is indeed genuine, or the last document issued. The simplest means is to phone the DVLA with the V5C in front of you. By providing:
a. The vehicle registration mark (VRM)
b. The document reference number (DRN)
c. (possibly requested) the date of issue.

The DVLA will confirm whether the document is the last printed i.e. that the DRN is that on the last issue. In most cases this will mean that the document you are looking at is genuine. With regard to the stolen registration documents, we have yet to see one upon which the crooks have applied an accurate DRN. The only way to get the correct DRN is to have had sight of the original, last issue. As the crooks rarely see this, they simply make up an 11 digit string as it will deceive most people.

It is concerning to note that no one appears to have advised the public that this is the simplest means by which to check a registration document despite there being 1000’s of stolen V5C’s out there.


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